25yrs of Voice Direction
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Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance


Work heads associated with Main Frame are highly experienced personnel in their areas of expertise. During her tenure at UTV, Eliza Lewis had the privilege to set up the entire Dubbing Division of UTV and start projects for Discovery, Walt Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox Work heads associated with MFSC are highly experienced personnel in their area of expertise.

Technical knowledge
Our resources are qualified in their various trades and professions and have many years of experience in their relevant field of activities.

Our translators do not merely translate the dialogues, but transcreate / adapt it to the language and culture it is targeted to. The translators are language graduates and have good command on their native as well as the English language.

Our translators are : Baba Khan, Kiran Kotrial, Munisha Rajpal, Akaash Deep, Shanoor Mirza, Sanjoo’s Devils, Sumita Ganguly, Aftab Ali to mention a few.

Our directors are trained to get the right expressions while maintaining the character voice and sync. More importantly they are also trained to meet the deadlines without compromising on quality. Time bound deliveries are our second motto.

Our networking with senior, experienced artiste and fresh talent gives us a good range to cast the right voice for the right characters.