25yrs of Voice Direction
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We believe in quality over quantity

Main Frame Software Communications is a production house set up in year 2000, to cater to the ever-increasing demands of dubbing in today’s entertainment market. It is set up by professionals who understand the growing need of 'Quality Dubbing' in an era which is seeing quantity take over quality dubbing.

Over the past 3 years with the onset of digital platform and original animation. There is a tremendous demand for more language dub versions besides the usual Tamil, Telegu, Indian English, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali are the new language markets that have opened up, as now the world is a stage.

It takes more than native speakers to effectively reach the target audiences. Main Frame knows that each language has its own flavour and we strive to maintain it, without losing out on the essence of the original creativity. Main Frame therefore takes on turnkey projects ranging from

  • auditions to adaptation
  • dubbing
  • recording and mastering of a series / theatricals / educational and corporate films

in almost all Indian languages. Main Frame’s portfolio of services also includes casting and directing original animation feature films and television series in Hindi and English.

For ease of administration and better handling Main Frame created a division to handle only southern language (Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam ) Dubs for Theatricals, series and original. This division is called KAARMIC MOOVE.